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Kendra Lynn’s foot domination

Kendra Lynn foot domination

Kendra Lynn is the kinkiest foot fetish mistress, awaiting her foot slave’s arrival at her apartment. She knows exactly what she wants from her submissive slave today – to satisfy her deepest, kinkiest desires.

The hot blonde looks fierce in a long-sleeved sheer black crop top that highlights her curves and toned arms. But it’s her feet that steal the show – adorned with elegant red nail polish.

Kendra’s foot slave lies at the foot of the bed as instructed while she perches herself on the edge. With a wicked glint in her eye, she taunts him with her toes, saying “Are you ready to worship these feet?” She wiggles them enticingly in front of his face.

“Tongue out! That’s right, start by licking my toes,” Kendra commands as he eagerly follows her orders. She moans softly as he lavishes attention on each toe, making sure they are clean and pampered. “Thank you for trying to be a good slave,” she praises him before adding “You’re still in training, so you’ve got to worship my feet all day long.” And with that, she settles back on the bed and watches as her foot slave continues his work.

“Clean off those little toes,” Kendra instructs him, and he dutifully complies. She giggles as she feels his tongue tickling between each toe. “Open your mouth,” she teases, “I just like to play with your mouth with my little toes!” Her laughter fills the room as she enjoys this display of power over her submissive slave.

As he finishes cleaning her feet, Kendra commands him to sit at the end of the bed while she moves closer to him. “Good slave!” she praises him as she strokes his hair gently. “Tell me how much you love my feet!” And without hesitation, he professes his ultimate devotion for her perfect feet.

But Kendra wants more. She wants to see how far she can push him, how much control she can have over him. “Would you do anything for them?” she asks seductively, twirling her feet in front of his face.

Without hesitation, her foot slave nods eagerly, ready to do whatever it takes to please his goddess in any way possible. And with a wicked grin on her face, Kendra knows that tonight will be a night filled with wild foot fetish play and intense submission from her loyal foot slave.

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