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Joslyn James dresses her man up as a girl

Joslyn James cross dressing humiliation

The room was filled with the sweet smell of expensive perfume. Joslyn James sat on the white satin sheets of her bed, her legs crossed elegantly. Across from her, sat her man – or rather, her plaything – dressed in a frilly pink dress and heels, his face caked in makeup. Can you even imagine Joslyn James humiliating her man with cross dressing?

“So… We had so much fun last time when we were playing dress-up,” Joslyn purred, eyeing her horny boy toy with a mixture of amusement and desire. “I think it’s a good idea that we play it again!”

Joslyn James wants to dress you up in girl’s clothes

He shifted uncomfortably, feeling the restrictive material of the dress against his skin. He couldn’t deny that there was a part of him that enjoyed these secret cross dressing sessions with his mistress, where he could let go of his masculinity and embrace his hidden desires.

“I just love it when my big husky man dresses up like a girl,” Joslyn continued, running a hand over her big tits that were popping out of her sexy red lingerie. “You’ll never compare to me with my giant tits in lace, but you can damn sure try!”

She laughed at her own joke. Her guy nervously tugged at the hem of his dress, trying to cover as much skin as possible.

“I brought some extra things,” Joslyn said coyly, reaching into her purse and pulling out a tube of blush and a sparkly lip gloss. “I brought your favorite shades.”

Her husband’s eyes widened in shock. It was true – he did have a favorite shade. He couldn’t help but feel both embarrassed and excited at the thought of wearing it.

“I’m gonna put some on me first so you can see how to do it,” Joslyn said, standing up from the couch and walking over to stand behind him. She smoothed the makeup onto her soft skin first, and then reached around him, applying the blush lightly on his cheeks and then dabbing the lip gloss on his lips.

Her husband’s heart raced as he looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe how feminine he looked, and a part of him was thrilled by it. She was too!

“Here, you can keep this!” Joslyn exclaimed with delight, handing him the tube of lip gloss. “You wanna put this in your purse?”

He nodded eagerly, taking the lip gloss and placing it carefully in the small pink purse that sat next to him. Joslyn smiled, pleased with herself for being able to make her man feel so submissive and obedient.

“Oh, I just love to humiliate you by dressing you up as a super effeminate girly girl!” she said with a sly grin. “Imagine if your friends and coworkers knew what I did to you behind closed doors. Imagine if they knew that you secretly love to get dressed up as a woman, applying lipstick and pulling on clingy pantyhose, walking around like a sexy sophisticated female even though you’re male!”

Joslyn’s words sent shivers down her man’s spine. The thought of anyone finding out about their secret games filled him with both fear and excitement. But in this moment, he couldn’t resist the allure of being transformed into a beautiful woman by his dominant queen.

As Joslyn James dressed her man up as a girl, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of power and control over him. She loved seeing him in such a vulnerable state, completely under her command! Submit to her command tonight, only on Domination 4K!