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Slave Island

The act of sex is also a circumstance of power play for it does not only involve lustful desires but also issues of domination and submission. Sexual pleasure is not purely physical but psychological too. These days, more and more people are discovering “secret” and use it to improve their sex lives. The domination-submission principle of sex has been applied in variety of ways. It is manifested in such practices as role playing (master-slaves), restraining-restricting, intimidating, learning obedience and in some cases, inflicting pain on a partner who will pleasurably endure it. As a popular love song goes, “the joy is not the same without the pain.”

You have probably encountered the sex slang acronym “BDSM” which stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM) – it is an overlapping meaning. It is a wide porn category for people who have fetishes for the principle and techniques we have discussed earlier. But not to overwhelm you with today’s BDSM sites, we are taking them one step at a time. In this review, the site we’re featuring is “SlaveIsland.com” which is dedicated to people with bondage fetishes. As the name implies, it’s a sexual domination-and-submission fetish characterized by painful but pleasurable punishments.

Slave Island is an extreme hardcore site within the bondage-fetish porn category. It takes us to a world of sexual savagery inhabited by control freaks/nasty sex masters, submissive sex captives/slaves, slapped and gagged kinky sluts, etc. All of their extreme S/M sessions are captured on camera to stun you and take you to that fine line between pain and pleasure!

Navigating slaveisland.com is totally “painless” (read: hassle-free) and “pleasurable” (read: convenient). Visitors are free to access five main pages which seem like a slide show of all the site’s main features, special features and bonuses. The layout design looks bizarre. The pictures on display, I must say, are extremely hardcore and they will surely satisfy your cravings for S/M thrills and actions!

The photo galleries of the site contain over 60, 000 sex slave images that are promised to be truly Bondage XXX. Aside from the gorgeous women, your S/M desires will surely be intensified by the sight of chains, ropes, whips, leathers, cuffs, clothespins, spankers and many other S/M sex toys and items. The images are really just not for the weak-hearted!        

The site also promises over 40,000 bondage videos. The scenes may be violent but extremely hot with nasty master-slave role playing, girls begging on their knees, hard slaps and spanks, hair-pulling, handcuffing and tying, clothespins pinching boobs and pussies, etc., etc. – all in the name of extreme S/M thrill! 

Hours of non-strop streaming videos are indeed a great treat for Bondage aficionados out there. However, only members can access these videos because the free tour is just a simple introduction to the site. Other great features claimed by Slaves Island are live fetish shows (with audio), stories, games, e-zines and more extra never-before-seen S&M.